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1950, 41' Chris Craft Double Cabin Flybridge (DCFB)

In the shop this winter is a CC DCFB undergoing a major restoration.  The scope of work includes;

-New Transom (frames, cheeks, planks, cap boards)

-New Aft Deck (Remove and recondition fuel & water tanks.  Fabricate and install new deckbeams.  Fabricate and install new deck (mahogany), strip, stain and varnish coamings).

-New Aft Bulkhead (Remove old lower and upper bulkheads.  Fabricate and install new lower and upper bulkheads.  Fabricate and install new door and trim, stain and varnish).

-Flybridge Deck (Strip and refinish all brightwork.  Repair deck to hull joint.  Fabricate new hatch.  Remove old windshield.  Fabricate and install new windshield.  Strip, fair and repaint saloon cabin top).

-Cabin Sides and Side Decks (Remove hardware, strip existing finish, stain and varnish).

-Forward Deck (Remove existing forward saloon windows.  Fabricate and install new windows and corner posts, strip forward deck and stain).

-Hull (Remove 14' of chine on rear starboard side.  Fabricate and install new chine.  Fabricate and install 4 new knees, aft starboard side.  Remove and replace 8 planks starboard side, 9 planks port side.  Remove and rebuild stem).




1963, 31' Chris Craft Sea Skiff

Sue Pat came to the shop because of a poor repair made to her forward keel.  An aluminum plate was bent over the damaged keel as a repair and it subsequently partially pulled off the keel while the owner was running down the river.  Not a nice feeling!



The plate which was added to the keel as a repair.  After one season of use it started to pull off the keel.




The aluminum plate removed revealing the extent of the damage to the keel and garboard planking.  The lower stem was also damaged.  The owner made the right decision to have the keel replaced, specifying white oak-original construction.



Keel removed and ready to receive the new keel. 





 New keel fit and installed.  Garboard planking repaired, faired and primed.





New keel installed, lower stem and garboard planking repaired, faired and ready for priming.



 Lower stem repaired.  Bow plank ends repaired.  Garboard planks repaired.  New topside paing and boot stripe completed.  The new paint was only applied to the bottom 5 planks.  The hull will be wooded this winter, repaired as required, faired and repainted.














All toe moldings on deck were stripped, stained and varnished.





New vent  and stern cleat mounting plates were replaced using mahogany, stained, varnished and installed.














On her way to the marina for launching after completion of the keel replacement, repainting and trimwork.

Dick and Margaret, the owners, are wonderful people and a joy to work with.  This winter we will be stripping the topside paint off the wheelhouse and hull, making some necessary repairs, fairing and repainting.  Possibly a transom rebuild as well. 



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