Wood Boat Restoration Services

1971, 60' Pacemaker FDMY  ** PROJECT UPDATE**

2013-2014 Work Completed:

38 ribs replaced (no sistering) at the turn of the bilge, port and starboard side.


46 ribs replaced port and starboard side (no sistering) from shaft logs aft.

32' of inboard enginer stringers (2 stringers made of 2 laminations of 5"x10" white oak, 2 stringers made of 5 laminations of 2" x 10" mahogany) port and starboard side.  12' of keelson, 8' of keep replaced with white oak.  4 new floors (mahogany ones shown in picture replaced with white oak)

New rudder blocks, strut blocks and transom bow installed.

 47 new planks on the bottom.  Starboard side splash rail repaired.



 New Lower Stem including knee replacement, graving block replacement and lower stem replacement.  10 new ribs installed at bow, new plank ends installed and upper stem repaired.




New fuel lines, engine overhauls and a complete rewiring of the engine room to include a new charging system (Charles Industries) and Inverter, house batteries, starting batteries and an isolated electronics battery system.  All electrical systems charged and monitored using new electronic relay system (Pictures to follow).

Teak decks striped, faired, seams payed and 3 coats of Cetol teak finish applied and finally floating.  Phase I of the restoration is complete!! (NOTE: That is not the bilge pump running.  She has side and aft wet exhausts so that you can easily tell if you are always pumping water when the diesels are running).

 More updates to follow as restoration continues.....


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